Privacy Policy

The information and personal data that DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L. collects from users, when they access our project TJ Tool and use the offered services, as well as the purposes for which DISPLAY CONNECTORS, SL. can handle this information, the third parties who they might communicate it to, and under which circumstances, are detailed below.

What information do we collect?

- Provided Information. That information about the users provided during the registration process and/or when web surfing, and as consequence of participating through the social media profiles of DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L. This includes all the data from the contact form.

- Collected Information. We can collect, automatically, data related to the activities of the user while on our website, as well as information related to the device used to access it (such as game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, smart televisions or decoders). Cookies are used to do this. Please read the Cookies Policy of DISPLAY CONNECTORS S.L.

- Device IDs and other unique identifiers, device characteristics (model, version, etc.) IP address, location, time zone, connection information, visit statistics, reference URL (if it is the case that the user accessed the website through a link or external content) or the web browser used.

- Third parties’ data. DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L. requests users to avoid communicating a third party’s personal data through any system, app, media or format. The User will answer to DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L., or others, for any harm and damage that might be caused as a result of a breach of this condition. However, in the case that the User passes on, for any reason or circumstance, personal data from third parties (family members, partners, friends, etc.) to DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L., when accepting the Privacy Policy, the User vouches that they have previously informed these people about it and about the content of this Privacy Policy, and that they have obtained the third party’s authorization to pass on their data to DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L. for the corresponding purposes and that DISPLAY CONNECTORS, S.L. is authorized to use it.